Real estate agent for many years

Anthony has been my real estate agent for many years. I have worked with others in the past but have never had one like Anthony. He paid attention to the requirements I wanted in a new purchase, did his homework well and always sent me information on those places that met my criteria. He had a respect for my time and never hesitated in finding a place in his own schedule to accommodate me. The biggest surprise and treat for me was when we would visit a property and the place was deficient. Anthony saw it too and never tried to make the defects any different than what they were. He knew the property was not good as I did. 
He focused on my interests when he was with me and would show me all of the properties on our list – no matter how long it took and without interruption. He is calm, clear, focused and attentive – qualities that make for a very good real estate agent. I am happy to work with him.

— Dorothy E.